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My perimenopause journey began 10 years ago. I wanted to feel empowered about my health, but I set out without a plan.

Some days I felt good and didn’t think about it. Some days I felt so bad, I could barely function.

I spent money on books. Lots of books. I spent a ton of time surfing the Internet (often at 3 a.m. when I was wide awake.) I talked to my doctor. I went to a naturopath. And a women’s health clinic. I bought vitamins. I dabbled in yoga, meditation and various exercise and weight management approaches. Heck, I even started a website, held events and wrote an e-book…

I was left feeling confused, overwhelmed and alone. You may feel some of these things too.

The truth is, sometimes a single book or event or doctor’s appointment is not enough. Sometimes we need more info…more clarity…sometimes it takes a bit more time and support to let it all sink in…to get it all straight…to find out what is best for our own unique situation. And often, so often…when we read something or hear something, we have questions…lots of questions, but no where to ask them.

Let’s crack open the conversation!

menopause chicks promo from SPIRO Creative on Vimeo.

Thanks Dr Oz!

Thanks Oprah!