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When you hear "hot flashes," think of your heart health.

"Vasomotor" means "the constriction of blood vessels."

When we are able to stop thinking of hot flashes as a nuisance, and begin to regard them as an important "check engine light," that's when we will we be able to turn down the dial on women's heart disease.

The theme for World Menopause Day in 2023 was heart health.

3 reasons why heart health, and shifting how we think of hot flashes and other symptoms of hormone decline, is SO important for our heart health:

  1. When our cycles are regular, estrogen protects the heart. That means when cycles are no longer regular, we have more to talk about than simply saying goodbye to periods This is OUR window of opportunity to make a health plan for the next 3-5 decades. And that includes heart health!

  2. Many of us know heart disease is the #1 premature killer of women and the signs of a heart attack show up differently in women than men. But, we have failed is explain WHY. When we reach menopause, estrogen goes for a STEEP DECLINE. Women can live over half their life without the same estrogen that once protected their hearts. That’s why this topic is so important

  3. Hot flashes and night sweats—please call them vasomotor symptoms! We have been socialized to believe they are a NUISANCE. They are actually a warning sign from our body that hormones are fluctuating and/or declining. Please think of hot flashes as a “check engine light" and think of your heart. Vasomotor means “the constriction of blood vessels.” Vasomotor and other symptoms of hormone decline are an invitation to prioritize cardiovascular health. Talk to your doctor about treatment options. And, know your numbers: blood pressure, cholesterol and other heart health indicators. Don’t put off. Do it now.


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