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Wellness Education.

For all.


Maybe you've heard the headlines.

By 2025, 1 billion women will have reached menopause.

40% of women say that new health concerns have impacted their work performance and productivity.

1-in-5 women have considered quitting due to hormone-related symptoms

& other unmet health concerns.

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This is not {only} about menopause.

This is about ensuring your team has access to QUALITY, verified, evidence-based women's health information & support.


Hi I'm Shirley!

Founder of Menopause Chicks

While the headlines state women are leaving the workforce "due to menopause," I'm here to tell you that's not true.

Women are leaving (or considering leaving, or wishing they could quit) because they are tired.


We already know that burnout is not good business. Neither is having employees who are burned out--and calling it "menopause."

I promise you: by the time hormone changes, sleep disruption and other changes impact a woman's performance and productivity at work, she has already tried to navigate it (often, unsuccessfully) on her own!

Women are still responsible for the majority of unpaid and invisible work at home. They are most often the "chief health officer" for the family. It is likely she has felt dismissed or disappointed by her doctor (if she has a family doctor!) Over half of women in Canada do, and the reason for their doctor visit? Menstruation or menopause.


And the statistics for being dismissed by health professionals are significantly higher for Indigenous women and women of colour.

She may have also felt disappointed if her health benefits limited which practitioner she could see, or which therapy she could choose.

So what is the missing piece?


The huge gap between how women are feeling...and all employees everywhere having access to easy-to-understand health information that will help them to:

  1. Have more informed & empowered health conversations

  2. Prioritize their own midlife hormone health, and

  3. Send a giant reminder: all women deserve to FEEL WELL at every age & stage... while continuing to do the work they love.


Some Employee Groups Shirley has worked with


We know you are thinking about HOW to bring quality menopause education and conversations to your workplace. The answer is this: start. 


September 27th & October 25th are dedicated to Menopause.Work. But that doesn't mean sitting around a lunch or boardroom table. Those situations can be limiting when we are trying to learn new, important & intimate details about our health.


We are also acutely aware that it can be all-too-overwhelming: wanting to do what's best for your team, and wanting to do it RIGHT.


September 27th & October 25th are about starting the conversation. Giving your employees an accurate, easy-to-understand summary of what they need to know + the opportunity to attend anonymously, ask questions privately, and then make the health decisions that are right for them!

And importantly--this is your opportunity to enhance your employment brand by acknowledging women's midlife health, addressing this important, un-met need, and reminding your employees (and their families) that you have their backs.


This is an all-gender event.

Appropriate for employees at all levels of your organization.

Two LIVE sessions to choose from each day: daytime & evening.

Led by menopause expert & women's health advocate, Shirley Weir.

We're not going to lie. Things are a bit of a mess right now.

  1. The headline "1-in-5 are considering quitting," means a HUGE cost to you and your bottomline. But, what we must also consider is the 4-in-5 who can NOT quit, meaning an even bigger loss if considering increases to "presenteeism" and decreases to employee health.

  2. We are concerned about some of the messaging and vernacular surrounding the menopause-at-work challenge (or opportunity, as we like to frame it!) You see, some experts are suggesting employees simply need temperature-controlled rooms and fans at their workstations. Others are writing "menopause policies" and creating a divisive work culture where the good intention of bringing "menopause education in the workplace" is resulting in alienation and age discrimination of women, and perpetuating outdated stereotypes...all because too many leaders don't yet understand what they don't understand. Oh! Do you want to hear the most recent example? One company is planning to visit executive offices with a "hot flash simulator" jacket for men to experience what a hot flash feels like.​ It's getting ridiculous.

  3. This is not what women need.

Next Event: October 25th, 2023:
Let's remind your 
employees they deserve to FEEL AMAZING.
This online learning event will deliver:

Ensure your employees have this important health information
before the end of the year!

Designers Looking at the Computer

Yes please! I want to join Menopause.Work on October 25th, and bring my colleagues with me!

First, I have a question:

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