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The Menopause Chicks Community:
Benefits of belonging

You can navigate perimenopause, menopause, and  postmenopause with confidence and ease.​The Menopause Chicks Community connects women to the best information, the top women's health professionals who can support you on your journey--and we connect women, like you, to each other via our private community.

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Shirley Weir, Founder, Menopause Chicks

Your name is going to look so good at the TOP of your To-Do list!


  • Quality, verified, evidence-based information & education

  • Member-exclusive learning opportunities and educational events

  • Clarity on all-things midlife health: definitions, FAQs, common changes, all of the options available to you

Separate Fact From Fiction 

  • Learn how to navigate a noisy media and online space, how to decipher fact from fiction; myths, misinformation and even media innuendo

  • Learn if "what you know" about perimenopause, menopause & postmenopause is actually true.

  • Get guidance on"what you know you don't (yet) know"

  • Become aware of your "what you don't (yet) know you don't know" list ....such as how what we do NOW will significantly impact our heart, brain, bone and vaginal/pelvic health for the next 3-5 decades

Become the Expert on YOU

  • Insights into how to build your own health team AND coaching and "script tips" for how best to prepare for your next health appointment., you can walk in as informed as you can be, and be your own best health advocate

  • Experience the wisdom and expertise of someone who has not only travelled a journey similar to yours, but who is also a certified peer counsellor, has been moderating this community for that past decade and researching women's midlife health for last 16 years; Shirley is an expert in knowledge transfer

Feel Amazing! 

  • A reminder that you are not meant to suffer (this is a BIG one!)...that we call deserve to feel amazing

  • And even if our journey is currently running through a lil place called "not-yet-amazing," a firm reminder of how smart and savvy we are...and that we can make sound health decisions when we have access to QUALITY information, a health team to support our journey and a community who has our back.

Learn from Leading Experts 

  • Expertise from a team of women's health experts

  • Informative interviews & opportunities to learn from experts in mid-life health and wellness 

Curated Products & Services 

  • Curated products and services that are actually approved and evidence-based so you don't have to question those marketing ads that fill your feed every day

What Menopause Chicks have to say: 



"Thank you for being an invaluable resource and creating a safe space where women can find knowledge, guidance, and connection. Your efforts are making a significant impact, and I am eagerly looking forward to joining you on this journey of learning & growth"
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