Saying “I Do” to the (Peri)Menopausal Marriage

7 Key Ways to Keep Your Relationship from cracking during Perimenopause & beyond I have to tell you a little story–two actually. Last week, I showed my husband how to share my Menopause Chicks posts on Facebook. Without prompting, he put it out there for the whole world to see: Hello. My name is Don […]

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Hello! My name is…

What happens when you introduce yourself to as perimenopause Yesterday I was invited to a meeting at Lunapads. It was a brainstorming session with a group of like-minded women. Most of us had never met before. I had an opportunity to introduce myself–not once, but twice–in the same meeting. So I decided to try two different approaches: Introduction […]

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Kegels: how to do them properly

This kegel video from Kim Vopni of Pelvienne Wellness is going to change your life. Our pelvic floor  is responsible for maintaining continence, holding our internal organs in place, supporting our spine and pelvis, and for sexual function… Pretty important stuff! says Kim Most of us have never been taught how to take care of this […]

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Point of view: do what’s best for you. #nojudging

I have to say I woke up feeling rather overwhelmed this morning. Yesterday, Robin Williams’ death was the headline filling all of my newsfeeds. Today it was more. Much more. It was empathy. It was sympathy. It was confusion. It was conflicting. And it was overwhelm. First I was thinking about the people I’ve loved […]

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I miss my brain: maybe it’s hungry?

If I’ve learned anything this past year, it’s that the human body is an amazing assortment of complex, inter-dependent systems–systems we don’t always think about, pay attention to, or treat kindly….until… ….something no longer works properly or “the way it used to”. Do any of these sound familiar? I just don’t feel right. I can’t […]

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brain fog

5 key questions to improve (or even eliminate) brain fog

  Brain fog is a common complaint of women in perimenopause, and I can certainly relate. I was a self-employed, 39-year-old mother of two young children. I could not focus. I would write lists — and re-write lists — in fear of forgetting something. But all I could do was stare at the words in […]

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Skin: What to expect in perimenopause

Skin suggestions for perimenopause and menopause from Andrea Scott, Founder of skoah   Healthy skin (like that of babies) has a process of renewing itself. New cells move through the epidermal layers going from plump and healthy cells to flat layers that naturally shed. This process in healthy skin takes about 2 weeks. As we […]

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The ins & outs of facial hair (Part 2)

Click here to read Part 1: Things I learned from my teenage son  Questions about facial hair & perimenopause? We went to Dr Anna Garrett to pluck the facts. Here is what she said: Seriously, it’s not enough that women have to endure hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and crashing fatigue during perimenopause? Or […]

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