Images for menopause: things that make me kookoo

I’m frustrated and annoyed. Here are some of my beliefs as to why no one has been talking about menopause (until now, that is!): (By the way, Lean In is partnering with Getty Images to try to eradicate the traditional images that seem to creep into stock images. This is exciting as we are hoping to one day eradicate the […]

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Dear Menopause: Leave Me Alone

Learning to redefine the experience of menopause: Letters I wrote to Menopause at age 33, 38, 41 & 45 Age 33 You are a stranger to me. 40 still seems like a number that will never come. I’m pregnant and aside from sore boobs, I can’t say I’m feeling any “hormonal shift”. Don’t get me […]

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How to talk to your doctor about perimenopause

How to talk to your doctor about perimenopause so you don’t feel dismissed at your next appointment. Talking to doctors can be hard. According to Dr. Leana Wen, simply being a woman is hard. So pair those two, and it sounds like a recipe for disaster. Well, it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve ever […]

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Today is International Women’s Day and my guess is that means many different things to many different people. I’ve just come off of a whirl-wind, inspiring few days…a time that has left me thinking a lot about definitions, and the meanings we attribute to certain words. On Thursday, I had the honour of participating in the […]

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Talk to your husband about menopause & perimenopause

+ Learn how perimenopause transformed Ellen Dolgen’s career from business woman to “Shmirshky” author: A little over a year ago, as I was madly researching perimenopause, menopause & hormone balance–and preparing to launch, I stumbled upon the book, Shmirshky: The Pursuit of Hormone Happiness, and purchased it on Amazon. I hadn’t bought a book on […]

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You do not have a prozac deficiency + 3 tips for navigating perimenopause

Mojo Magic Tricks from pharmacist-turned-hormone coach, Dr. Anna Garrett: We cracked open the conversation with Dr. Anna Garrett of to learn more about the early indicators of perimenopause, and this is what she said: (scroll down for the video) Menopause Chicks:  What is “Mojo”? Dr. Anna:  Mojo is best described as that little spark […]

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Packing for Perimenopause: Fasten your seatbelts!

Packing for perimenopause: fasten your seatbelts, girls. We are going on a trip! Note: I did not say “vacation”? Although wouldn’t it be nice if we could somehow re-frame the mid-life conversation so we could celebrate all the positives, rather than just focusing on the negatives? Hmmm…perhaps I will give that some thought for my […]

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Competitive Hot Flashes? What’s Next?

Competitive hot flashes? Count me out. Meet Mandy Appleyard, a writer and journalist with the, and author of her own menopause diary.  We met Mandy yesterday when this article was published in the Daily Mail, and she graciously allowed us to share it here. Has this ever happened to you? Let us know your thoughts! […]

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