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It's About A Lifetime of Women's Health Research with Dr. Jerilynn Prior

Today’s episode is dear to my heart. My guest is the person who, 11 years ago, when I didn’t know what I didn’t know, answered the door when I came knocking. Dr. Jerilynn Prior is a medical doctor, endocrinologist, world-renowned researcher, author, a thought leader in women's hormone health and osteoporosis, and famous for her research and advocacy around perimenopause and progesterone. Many members of the Menopause Chicks community know Dr. Prior as the founder of the Center for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research [CEMCOR for short.] I am deeply grateful for Dr. Prior’s wisdom and guidance in women’s and honoured to have her sit beside me today.

What we discussed:

  • An endocrinologist’s explanation of both estrogen and progesterone 

  • Hormone health, mental health–and considerations for the role of stress in our overall health, but especially in perimenopause

  • If you are going to track anything–track your menstrual cycle + both physical changes (such as breast tenderness, cramping, vasomotor symptoms) and emotional/mental health changes, such as mood. Dr. Prior explains the reasons why!

  • How hormone therapy traditionally focused on estrogen without acknowledging the critical role of progesterone too 

  • Script tips for how to talk to your doctor about hormone replacement therapy!

  • Dr. Prior’s extensive progesterone research and her life-long commitment (she celebrated her 80th birthday this year!) to her work, and her legacy related to progesterone research will continue. 

Links from this week’s episode: 

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