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It's About Releasing Shame Around Sex

Joining me today is registered psychologist and co-founder of the West Coast Centre for Sex Therapy, Dr. Carolin Klein. It is always a treat to follow smart people on Instagram who share their important research and body of work, and then have the opportunity to meet them in person. Dr. Klein works with a team of registered psychologists and registered clinical counselors who talk about sex all day long! Today, she has brought those important conversations to us. We cover a wide range of topics in our chat–from shame around sex and our bodies to the pleasure gap. This is such an important conversation for all women to be having so I hope you get as much out of this conversation as I did!

What we discussed

  • The biggest questions Dr. Klein gets asked at her clinic like, “Am I normal?”

  • The questions women have about wanting to be sexual with their partner and also being a professional woman

  • The pleasure gap, the masturbation gap, faking orgasms, shame, stigma & more!

  • Why there’s a overfocus on intercourse in heterosexual couples

  • The importance of educating women at a young age about their anatomy before they begin exploring it with a partner

  • The physical and mental health benefits of masturbation and how women can talk about it more with their friend groups

  • Online DISinformation about sexual health and how to find trusted, reputable experts

  • Dr. Klein shares her red flags to look out for when consuming sexual content online

  • What well-meaning parents should know about the research in favour of educating children about their anatomy early and how it benefits all of us

Links from this week’s episode:

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Learn more about the West Coast Centre for Sex Therapy here

Books Dr. Klein recommends:

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