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It's About Your Midlife Sexual Health

I have a prediction for 2024. We’re about to have a lot of sex, sometimes with a partner! I’m so thrilled to invite Cass & Leah to the show today. They own an incredible online sexual wellness boutique, Intimate Wellbeing, designed specifically for midlife women. Cass and Leah are changing the conversation about sexual health. They joined me to talk about their journey including some of the challenges they’ve faced along the way, and their amazing success with normalizing conversations about sexual pleasure and well-being for midlife (and beyond) women.

What we discussed

  • The story behind Intimate Wellbeing & why Cass and Leah are so dedicated to changing the conversation about sexual pleasure for midlife women.

  • How the Intimate Wellbeing brand has evolved from its initial concept of being an accessible online store to becoming a recognized sexual health education community

  • What happened when Cass & Leah started talking more openly about sexuality with their friends and how important they feel it is for women to have places to talk openly!

  • How Intimate Wellbeing is working with the Taboo Sex Show to create a space for midlife women to learn about sexual health without feeling overwhelmed or out of place at a sex show.

  • How they’ve made shopping for sex toys easier and more comfortable by curating a collection of safe, high-quality toys from brands they trust.

  • The origin of their brand of lubricant, Okanogan Joy, and how they’re changing the conversation about the benefits of using lubricant.

  • Plus! I share my review about the Dame Pom vibrator with Cass & Leah

Links from this week’s episode:

Intimate Wellbeing Website:

Shirley’s Picks: Intimate Wellbeing on Instagram:

BIG thanks to the following for sharing my passion for women’s health:


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