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Menopause Chicks is 10!

In 2012, I launched Menopause Chicks onto the world stage because of my journey. I'm here today to support yours.

Today is the 10th birthday of, something that began with the audacious mission to empower you to navigate perimenopause-to-menopause-to-postmenopause with confidence and ease.

A decade later, and that mission remains UNCHANGED.

What has changed is the growing number of women who feel more informed and empowered and plan-full when it comes to their midlife health.

I believe that's worth celebrating, don't you?

* * *

I had quite a moment earlier this week when this podcast dropped. It was personally emotional...and oh-so-motivating for me to keep going1 Women's health...YOUR health...deserves more quality information and education, and I will be here for that.

Thanks to the hosts of Hello! Menopause for their thorough research, shared mission and kindness during this conversation. I believe it is one of my best interviews in 10 years. I hope you will pour yourself something bubbly 🥂, have a listen and celebrate with me.


My main concern was a sudden onset of Anxiety and month I'm moving along as 'normal' then the next (and the subsequent 6 weeks) I'm lucky to get 4 hours of sleep with 2 full days of an anxiety attack. I've had my hormone levels checked and taken the information to a Hormone specialist....I'm have just started HRT, and am hoping it will help!


She is a naturopath Dr who specializes in women’s health inc. hormone balance. She has helped so much. But as it turns out one of the main contributors to my struggle was extreme anemia. I have had two iron infusions and HRT and am sleeping much better.


I am looking for information on weight loss and fighting the menopausal middle.

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