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Pantyliners every day?

Candace asks: I heard you say on @ThePapayaPodcast not to wear pantyliners every day? What are we supposed to do if we need them?

My reply:

Great question! Which I'm going to answer back with a question: WHY do you need pantyliners every day?

If it's for protection from irregular or heavy bleeding in perimenopause:

  • I understand. One of the most predictable things about perimenopause is the period UN-predicability! Because daily use of paper-based pads and liners can lead to vulva and vaginal dryness, consider KNIX or other similar leakproof options.

  • And if irregular or heavy bleeding is wreaking havoc on your quality of life, be sure you remember this:

  • You are not meant to suffer.

  • You deserve to feel amazing.

  • Sometimes the path towards amazing runs through a tiny little place called “not yet amazing” …therefore, it's ok to ask for help! You can review all your available options with your health care provider--including treating the root cause of the bleeding (declining progesterone) and possible iron deficiency. (Let me know if you have any questions on this!)

If it's for protection from bladder leakage, I recommend the same!

  • Paper-based period products are generally not designed to manage bladder leakage very well. Consider leakproof underwear which won't cause vulva dryness the way paper-based (chemicals in the pads draw natural moisture away from the skin cells in the vulva and vagina) products do--AND please see a pelvic floor physiotherapist to prevent/treat any and all signs of incontinence! (Even if it's “just” leaking when you laugh, cough or sneeze--that is a form of incontinence too!)

If you (or someone you love) is wearing pantyliners “just because”/don't like discharge (I understand from my daughter this is quite common):

  • Please make sure you/they are aware of all the potential root causes vulva and vaginal dryness--which can include: (see video here) the birth control pill, postpartum, certain medications and health conditions, cancer treatments, over-use of pantyliners and paper-based period products, fluctuating hormones in perimenopause, and declining estrogen postmenopause.

Thanks for the great question, Candace!


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