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Sex education? OMGYES!

What if the best sex toy on the market isn’t a toy at all?

There is a pleasure gap when it comes to women's sexual health and, a first-class, show-and-tell, educational website created by a team of researchers at Indiana University and The Kinsey Institute are working to close it.

Their mission? To provide an honest, inspiring, and safe space for women, men and couples to discover the wide range of what feels good and science-based ways to make a great thing even better.

I have watched both seasons a few times now and continue to learn from their short, informative, honest—and interactive—videos, where real-life women of all ages talk viewers through various techniques for pleasure.

The only equipment required is your fingers.

In a survey of 1000 women aged 18-84, 96% said OMGYES made them realize there’s more room in their lives for sexual pleasure, and 81% learned new ways to describe the things they like sexually.

It's binge watching with benefits

Most online education feels like work and most entertainment binges don’t leave you wiser and better informed.

OMGYES is designed to be exciting and engaging so you want to keep watching, but what you discover is also extremely rewarding for your life, mind, and relationship. Studies show using OMGYES gives users lasting positive effects:

  • A new language for what they find pleasurable

  • More confidence guiding partners

  • Physical pleasure experiences that feel fresh and new

  • Higher relationship closeness outside of the bedroom

  • More body positivity

  • Re-awakened curiosity about their own (and their partner's) pleasure

Check it out for yourself here. Buying an OMGYES collection is like buying a book - pay once and access it forever. The first collection costs $59 Canadian and both collections cost $95 Canadian. Each purchase funds the research team's next wave of women's sexual health research and content.


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