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Waking up to pee

Sonia asks: I'm 59 and everyone says I have to prioritize sleep for my heart & brain health. But I always wake 2-3 times a night to pee ... which always leaves me weary the next day.

My reply: Waking to pee is a common complaint as we age. Many people just accept it--so I applaud you for speaking up! 

 Middle-of-the-night bladder calls are actually a form of incontinence and incontinence is the #2 reason a woman is admitted to long-term care in our country (another reason I'm happy you are being proactive at 59!)


Here lies your solution:

  1. Add a pelvic floor physiotherapist to your team. You will receive a customized solution for you. (Last week, on our members of The Nest 🪺 shared her success story which caused me to do a great big happy dance--she is now sleeping through the night again!)

  2. Join Kim Vopni's online program. It's app-based with excellent educational and instructional videos, and the thing I love about it is that the keeps me honest and consistent (and it only takes 10 minutes a day!) You can listen to Kim speak specifically about waking-to-pee here.

I'd love to hear your success story! Please let me know a) when your next appointment is with your pelvic floor physiotherapist and b) what you learn!


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