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Welcome to Menopause Chicks. My name is Shirley. I am 57 years old (WOW! That happened fast, and I truly love every AGE & STAGE!) I reached menopause when I was 49. I launched in 2012 because of my own journey facing confusing and conflicting information. I'm here 10+ years later to support yours...because YOU deserve to feel amazing.​ And you deserve QUALITY, evidence-based women's midlife health information & education.


Even if you are currently in a place called "not-yet-amazing," my goal is to ensure you have EVERYTHING you need to navigate perimenopause-to-menopause-to-postmenopause with CONFIDENCE and EASE.

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Menopause Chicks is on a mission to ensure you have ALL the quality information & education to navigate perimenopause to menopause to postmenopause...with confidence & ease.​ Find out how we became the most informed group of women on (& OFF!) the internet!

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Meet Shirley Weir

Founder of Menopause Chicks, Author, and co-creator of Feel Amazing Vulva & Vaginal Moisturizer

Shirley Weir introduces herself as a Menopause Chick. Now 56, her perimenopause journey began in her 40s. Sleep deprivation, brain fog, anxiety & depression led Shirley to her doctor’s office, the bookstore and “Dr. Google,” but she was left feeling confused, overwhelmed and alone. In 2012, Shirley launched onto the world stage to empower women to get curious about their hormone health—and with an important reminder that we all deserve to FEEL AMAZING!

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Shirley Weir is the Author of two books about the perimenopause to menopause to post menopause transition. 

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