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How to Kegel

Kegels work when they are done correctly, consistently and with movement.

50% of people do not know how to contract the pelvic floor properly. Does this ring true for you? Watch Kim Vopni aka The Vagina Coach and her vulva puppet:

Kim has an app-based challenge and it's amazing...not only are her videos very well done, but the app is perfect for reminding you to put a checkmark in the pelvic health box every day! Tap here to join Kim's Monthly Challenge. It's a 28-day challenge that begins the 1st of each month. The quality of her educational videos are second-to-none! And it only takes 10 minutes a day with most women reporting positive results by day #14. That's because it works: you'll connect with your pelvic floor and SO much more!


How much is the action affected by the breathing? I can't wrap my brain around "picking up" the blueberry on the exhale and putting it down on the inhale: my brain/body want to do it the opposite way?

6 days ago
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Hopefully you will have received an answer by now, but working with the breathing in that way allows for less pressure in the abdomen. As you breathe in, the diaphragm opens downwards (think like opening an umbrella towards your feet). If you activate your pelvic floor muscles (think elevator towards your head), it means both muscle groups work towards each other, creating pressure in your abdomen… and bladder… So breathe in + relax pelvic floor & breathe out + activate PF won’t create less optimal pressure dynamics. In the end, it’s like a lot of exercises: exhale with the “effort” phase. Hope this can help.

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