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Iron Deficiency

Jacklyn asks: My doctor said I don't need to worry about iron now that I'm postmenopause. But the hair loss & fatigue is debilitating. Is it possible to be iron deficient postmenopause?

My reply: Yes.


OH! …and please do circle back with your doctor to ensure all the other fatigued patients in postmenopause in their practice gets the right information!


There are numerous root causes for why someone might be iron deficient. I think your doctor might be referring to the fact that most women who still have a period and definitely most women who are experiencing heavy bleeding , or irregular bleeding, will also have low ferritin.


But that's not you. 


So what else could contribute to low ferritin? 


(Do you know your ferritin level? Recommend requesting a ferritin blood test if you have not done so recently, just to know where you are, and to help guide your next steps.)

  • Diet: do you eat primarily vegetarian or vegan?

  • Other health conditions? ie. Have you checked thyroid function recently?

  • Other nutritional deficiencies

  • Interactions with other supplements or medicines i.e. is there a reason you are not absorbing iron optimally

  • Something else that requires either your current health care provider--or maybe adding another professional to your team--to investigate

Your question is also a great opportunity to remind members this: 


Although we need a health care professional to requisition the ferritin test, we do not require a prescription to start supplementing iron. 


I personally believe supplementation is best when guided by a health care professional--such as a pharmacist, registered dietitian, naturopathic doctor or someone else who can recommend a high quality iron supplement, direct your dosing and follow your progress. 


(And then you can update your doctor on your progress at your next health appointment!)


Anyone (regardless of age or stage!) experiencing debilitating symptoms, such as:

  • fatigue/exhaustion

  • hair loss

  • headaches

  • pale skin

  • brittle nails

  • even low immunity, depression, restless legs or heart palpitations

…should get curious about their ferritin level and supplement accordingly, and/or ask their health teams to help them STAY CURIOUS about what the root cause could be for their symptoms.


You deserve to feel amazing 🦋


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