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We are charting a new course

What if...instead of telling women to "suck it up"...we held them up?

One of the glaring gaps in women's health is that, somewhere along the line, we forgot to hand women a permission know...the one that says you don't have to suck it up, you're not meant to suffer and you deserve quality of life.

This is a 3-part series of videos I created with some amazing women in my life. I call it #MenopauseReimagined Thank you for watching this video: it is number two of three. Watch the series here.

Somehow we became a culture grounded in the assumption that menopause is solely negative.
And that it's okay to keep women's health on the backburner. (Headline news and search engines want us to keep it there!)
What if...?
  • Instead of telling women to "suck it up"...we HELD them up?

  • Instead of telling women to "cross their fingers & hope for the best"...we convinced them that they are the BEST?

  • Instead of suggesting women "power through"...we empower them to become their own best health advocates?

Can we shift your thinking from "symptoms" to "solutions?"
How about from "suffering" to "celebrating?"
WAIT! Change IS hard! (I know. I see you. I've been there. It can be messy in the middle!)
But we are smart. And savvy. And we can learn to navigate our health. As long as we have QUALITY information, trusted health care professionals, and a community who has our back.
Our time is not up. This is our time to SHOW UP.
There is no one road map (but we can be a "Thelma" to your "Louise!"
We are charting a new course and reminding you: You are not alone.


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