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What happens when we punctuate every sentence about menopause with the word "symptoms."

Teaching women to find and treat the root cause is key

Conversations about #menopause do not need to begin or end with the word "symptoms."

When we group everything into a bucket and call it "#menopausesymptoms," we are not furthering the #womenshealth conversation; we are derailing it.

🗓️ Menopause is one day (12 month anniversary of the final period) on a woman's reproductive calendar; it is not an ailment, disease or condition, and therefore, it does not have symptoms. (Would you ever say "puberty symptoms?")

Women feel better once they understand the possible #rootcause of any disruption they may be experiencing to their quality of life.

Here are some examples of finding & treating the root cause:

💆🏻‍♀️ If we tell women that #hairloss, for example, is a "symptom of menopause," she is more likely to feel discouraged and doomed, than she is to feel encouraged and optimistic for a solution.

She deserves a solution.

Two of the most common root causes of hair loss are #irondeficiency and/or a #thyroid condition; two things that are easy to check via your family doctor.

Always encourage her to find and treat the root cause.

🌸 When we tell a woman that #vaginaldryness is a "symptom of menopause," she hears "this is yet another thing I must endure."

Alternatively, when we tell a woman that vaginal dryness is actually a symptom of both #estrogen decline and #hyaluronicacid decline, and that there are easy, viable solutions, she feels seen, validated cared for, relieved and ready to take on the 2nd half of her life!

🦴 When we tell women that #osteoporosis is a "symptom of menopause," she hears "foregone conclusion."

But when we teach women that they will lose ~20% of their bone mass within the first 5 years of #postmenopause, and that osteoporosis can be prevented via combination of strength building exercise, nutrition and approved #hormonetherapy, she feels informed and in charge of her future #bonehealth.

➡️ I like to begin conversations about menopause with these words:

"You deserve to feel amazing"

followed by: "here is a menu of possible solutions so you can choose the journey that is right for YOU."

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