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Bone loss is silent

But the potential cost to women's health is deafening.

Earlier this year, my province of British Columbia, made contraception available for free to women because of this:

💰 The cost of contraception is less than the cost of managing an unwanted pregnancy.

NOW what if:

🦴 We added more #womenshealth cases that show, for example, the cost of #hormonetherapy for the prevention of #boneloss is far less than the cost of managing a fracture, #osteoporosis and the impact to the individual woman, her family care team, and the medical system at large (treatment of break, rehabilitation, limits to movement and more--sometimes admitting to a care facility and dementia.)

Current predictions for my generation are 1-in-3 of us will break a bone due to osteoporosis.

Bone loss can be prevented via a 3-pronged approach:

  1. Nutrition support (a custom recommendation for vit D, calcium-magnesium)

  2. Strength-building and balance exercise &

  3. Hormone therapy is approved for the prevention of bone loss (we lose ~20% of our bone mass in the first 5-6 years of postmenopause!)


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