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It's about Advocating for What is Right with Louise Green

I’ve been following our guest today for a long time as have many members of the Menopause Chicks community. Louise Green, founder of Big Fit Girl, is a leader in changing the conversation about equity & size inclusion in athletics and has been doing so since 2007. She’s a fierce health and fitness advocate. Her work, her word choice and her tenacity has influenced mine. She is an athlete first. She is also an accomplished author, trainer, educator & sought-after speaker! Louise joins me today to discuss the importance of making fitness accessible to people of all sizes and abilities. This is an important conversation about bias, justice, creating truly inclusive spaces, and the power of midlife women to positively impact the spaces we’re a part of by shifting both the conversations and the culture.

We ALL have a role to play in un-doing biases standing in the way of women’s health.

Are you ready to reframe the conversation about inclusivity?

Listen in and learn…

  • How the culture and vibe in gym settings have felt exclusionary and off-putting for many people, making access to fitness inequitable for people who live in larger bodies

  • How Big Fit Girl aims to change fitness culture through educating kinesiology students, wellness professionals, and personal trainers.

  • How weight & anti-fat bias is a social justice issue that creates inequities in health, and what Louise is doing to change this through education and inclusive programming.

  • How to tell when brands are genuine in their size inclusivity or if they’re doing it on a surface level to tick boxes in their marketing strategy, and how we can use our spending power to promote brands that have inclusivity as part of their DNA

  • Why the fitness industry is resistant to size inclusivity and what it means to shift away from diet culture and weight loss as the primary conversation we’re having when we talk about fitness

  • Why Louise feels hopeful when engaging with younger generations–whether it’s within the fitness industry, or in every other conversation that matters to women’s health and quality of life

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