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It's About Mindfulness (& chocolate) with Robin Joy

Today, I have a special guest and an extra special surprise for you…as we wrap up this season of This Show is Not About Menopause. I met Robin Joy last year when she joined the Menopause Chicks team. What a gift…and now I have the pleasure of sharing one of Robin’s gifts with YOU! I often refer to Robin as a “unicorn” because, in addition to ensuring all things run smoothly at Menopause Chicks, Robin is also a sexual health expert, a women’s health advocate AND she is my new favourite yoga and mindfulness teacher! Today, Robin is leading all of us in a holiday mindfulness meditation! Just when you thought the benefits of meditation and mindfulness couldn’t get any better…along comes Robin…and CHOCOLATE!. So please grab yourself a piece of your favourite chocolate, get comfy and experience the magic of this calming exercise with me. xo

Happy Holidays to YOU & THANK YOU for an AMAZING year. I couldn’t do this important work without you & I can’t wait to share what’s coming up next in 2024! 

What we discussed

  • The origin of Robin’s Chocolate Meditation

  • Why this is such an important practice for the busy holiday season (or anytime!)

  • Robin teaches her Chocolate Meditation 

  • I share what I experienced during the practice 

Links from this week’s episode: 

Check out Robin’s Instagram: 

Robin’s Yoga Website with Online Classes Weekly: 

BIG thanks to the following for sharing my passion for women’s health:


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