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It's About Being a Change Maker with my friend, Colleen.

Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to someone who started as a client, became a friend, then a mentor, and is now a personal coach for me and therefore, for Menopause Chicks too. And by personal coach–I mean cheerleader too. Colleen Kelly is a changemaker and I’ve invited her on the show today to talk about what it means to change conversations, and to influence long-term impact through advocacy and educational endeavours. This conversation is full of nuggets of wisdom that apply to the mission of Menopause Chicks but will also be inspiring for anyone invested in creating meaningful change in their lives and the world we live in. I believe you’re really going to enjoy this conversation. 

What we discussed

  • The power of language and the words we use 

  • Colleen’s change-making work in the non-for-profit sector, paradigm-shifting and re-thinking our futures

  • How traditional definitions of certain words (like “volunteer” and “menopause”) must be RE-defined and RE-framed in order to have more progressive and meaningful conversations

  • Choosing to compromise vs. what we will never compromise when it comes to our  life’s work–and what that means for the future of women’s health

  • Persevering… even when we know we may not live to see the impact

  • How things may be difficult, but they don’t have to be impossible!

BIG thanks to the following for sharing my passion for women’s health:


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