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It's About Breast Density with Jennie Dale

Today, my guest is Jennie Dale, the co-founder and executive director of Dense Breasts Canada. Jenny is a fellow women's health advocate, and I consider her a rockstar in this area! In this episode, we’re going to ensure that you have the most up-to-date news as it relates to breast density in Canada–what it is, what you need to know in terms of screening options and how best to have that conversation with your health team. Jennie is here to fill in the blanks on differences that still exist province-to-province, to teach us all about dense breasts and why being informed about this is important for your future healthcare. Plus, Jennie shares the Dense Breasts Canada’s Advocacy Toolkit so we can be prepared for our next doctor’s appointment.

Are you ready to be your own best breast advocate?

Listen in and learn…

  • What dense breasts are, how common they are, what you need to know and what the implications of having dense breasts can be.

  • Why having dense breasts can make it harder to spot cancer on a mammogram

  • The advocacy work Dense Breasts Canada is doing to get provinces to inform women of their breast density status

  • Province-to-province disparities for minimum recommended age to begin breast cancer screening.

  • What supplemental screening is and the differences between an ultrasound and an MRI.

  • Province-to-province disparities for supplemental screening and why we need to advocate to make supplemental screening mandatory for all women with dense breasts.

  • How to find out your breast density if your province isn’t automatically reporting that information, and where to find this information if you don’t have a family doctor.

  • How this important information impacts women of colour

  • Jennie’s wish for breast health in Canada.

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