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It's About Your Pelvic Health with Kim Vopni

I had never even heard the phrase “pelvic floor” - until I met Kim. Kim Vopni is the Vagina Coach and Creator of the award-winning Buff Muff app, and she's my go-to person for all things related to vulva, vaginal bladder, and pelvic health. Her journey to becoming the Vagina Coach started with a desire to prevent tearing during childbirth and eventually landed with her realizing the importance of pelvic floor health through all ages & stages–especially perimenopause, menopause & postmenopause. After listening to this conversation, you’ll definitely be adding a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist to your speed-dial and diving into Kim’s “buff muff” exercises!

Ready to put your pelvic health at the top of your to-do list?

Listen in and learn…

  • What it means to prioritize our vulva, vagina, bladder and overall pelvic health

  • What incontinence means, what incontinence can cost, and your options for preventing AND treating

  • How to tell if you might be one of the 50% of women who have pelvic organ prolapse and what you can do!

  • Why your lower back pain might be a sign of pelvic floor dysfunction

  • What you can expect when you visit a pelvic floor therapist for the first time

  • What to do BEFORE you (and after) you opt for surgery

  • Why vulva and vaginal dryness occurs and why it’s important to prioritize

  • Are kegel exercises right for you? And if so, how to incorporate them correctly, consistently and with movement in order to get the full benefit

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Shirley Weir talking with Kim Vopni about pelvic health
Talking about your pelvic health

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