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Extremely tired arms

Midlife women hold up the world.

And our arms are getting extremely tired.

Too many women are making limited health decisions due to limited information, access or financial resources.

Women 35-65 hold the most influential positions in society and the most consumer buying power. Yet, women's top health concerns are not being adequately addressed.

  • 77% of women don't know where to go when it comes to many of their health questions

  • 62% lack the time to do the research

  • 31% don't trust online information

  • 35% don't trust their doctor

  • and 70% of women don't have anyone to talk to when it comes to navigating perimenopause or menopause

We are not taking care of women. The model is broken. And it's time to do something about it.

This is a 3-part series of videos I created in 2020 with some amazing women in my life. I call it #MenopauseReimagined Thank you for watching this video: it is number one of three.

I am a midlife woman. And I hold up the world. We are 50% of the population. We influence over 90% of all consumer and health decisions. Yet, media try to tell us we are "over the hill." Marketers try to convince us that we need fixing. We often leave medical appointments feeling dismissed and disappointed.
"Grin and bear it," they say.
"You're getting older," they say.
"It's just part of being a woman," they say.
WHAT? Reallllllly? Is it?
We all have questions about our health. We all have choices. (And one of them is not suffering in silence!)
62% of us lack the time to do the required research. 31% of us don't trust online information. 35% of us don't trust our physicians. And 70% of us don't have anyone to talk to when it comes to perimenopause or menopause.
It was that last statistic that made me think talking about menopause would be the we asked women, "Hey! Are you ok?"
Conversations about menopause don't work if they continue to spread myths and misinformation. Navigating perimenopause can be confusing. And overwhelming. And expensive.
This is about us.
And, this isn't just about us.
If we truly want to hand our daughters a better way, talking about menopause is NOT ENOUGH.
We have to change the narrative. We have to move the menopause conversation from black n FULL COLOUR.
Let's say goodbye to "hot, old, tired, bitchy and fat," and an era where our hormone needs are not met.
And let's say HELLO to confidence, wisdom, beauty, unapologetic resilience...and a NEW model for women's midlife health.
We are NOT hot.
We are fireproof.
This is menopause reimagined.


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