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It's About Making Health Decisions While Drowning in Misinformation

It’s editorial day which means your guest is ME!

In this episode, I’m addressing something that’s never going to go away: misinformation. Is it misinformation, myths and misconceptions though?

Or is it disinformation or even BS?

Most days I hardly know.

What I do know is that I have recently honed in on the word: MISINTERPRETATION.

Some say the problem with menopause and women’s health is that we’re not talking about it enough. Not true.

After 11 years in my role as founder of Menopause Chicks, I say it’s the opposite.

There are many, many voices, people, brands and health professionals talking about menopause right now.

But talking isn’t enough - especially when it continues to perpetuate outdated myths, misconceptions, stereotypes…and (the biggy) when media, marketers and even the medical community continue to misinterpret certain words which leads to enormous confusion with women, and prevents them from making key health decisions.

I am here for women.

Knowledge transfer is my job.

I help health seekers navigate (and interpret) quality health information.

In this episode, I’m sharing some of my own recent encounters with misinformation in order to highlight why accurate health messaging is so critical.

Are you ready to change the conversation around menopause?

Listen in and find out…

  • How my first experience with AI (artificial intelligence) was when my name was printed beside words I didn’t write

  • How throwing every adverse health concern into a bucket and labeling it “menopause symptoms” is not only setting women’s health back; it is dangerous to women’s future heart health, brain health, bone health, vulva & vaginal health and urinary/bladder health.

  • How vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes) are like the “check engine light” in our car, and why they are dangerous to ignore

  • How misinformation about vulva & vaginal health, and the cause of vaginal dryness may lead women misinterpreting their experiences as their fault

  • Why continuing to share quality, verified, evidence-based information from reputable sources serves everyone… because, when we know better we do better.

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Shirley Weir talking about menopause misinformation
Sorting through health MISinformation

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