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It's About Starting to ROAR! with Gynecologist, Dr. Nathalie Gamache

There’s a lot to feel passionate about when it comes to women’s midlife health & this heartfelt conversation with Gynecologist, Dr. Nathalie Gamache, is the reminder we all need to take action on our own well-being; we need to ROAR!. A woman of many talents, Dr. Gamache shares her journey from teaching high school zoology to becoming a gynecologist and highlights her immense wisdom about women’s health and how to remain active & vibrant through midlife and beyond. After listening to this conversation, you’ll feel fired up, better educated, and ready to put your name at the top of your to-do list!

Ready to Feel Amazing?

Listen in & learn…

  • Why the Women’s Health Initiative Study set women’s health care back in 2002, and why we don’t need to be afraid of hormone replacement therapy as a treatment for the most common symptoms of hormone decline.

  • Why your family doctor might not have the answers you’re looking for, and may feel as frustrated about that too, and what you can do about it.

  • How women can take well-being into their own hands with a “self-contract” to live fully and stay healthy through midlife and beyond.

  • Why we need to be advocating to have provincial governments cover the cost of hormone replacement therapy given the preventative aspect of this kind of treatment.

  • Why generalizations don’t work when discussing treatment options for women’s health and why it’s important to consider each individual separately.

  • Why living with the discomforts caused by hormone decline is not something women need to accept - it is absolutely possible to feel vibrant & energetic as we age.

  • How ventures capitalized on the desperation of women seeking relief in the wake of the deeply flawed propaganda that followed the Women’s Health Initiative study, making it difficult for factual information to compete.

  • Why we need to become our own “fact checkers” when we read any information about menopause due to the proliferation of misinformation.

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Find out what makes this gynecologist ROAR!

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